• Discover the drinking straw of the future! Sustainable and reusable!


The Problem

Disposable straws made of paper or natural materials are not a sustainable alternative for the future. As disposables, they waste precious resources on products that are used for just a few minutes. The future is reusability.

However, reusable drinking straws made of metal or glass require a lot of energy in their production and cannot compete with the properties of classic plastic drinking straws.

The Solution

Stir & Straw relies on drinking straws made of thermoplastic polypropylene. This base material is not only recyclable, but can also be easily cleaned and reused over long periods of time. The processing of thermoplastics uses up to 90 % less energy than that of glass, ceramics or aluminium. The resource-saving production makes our material the most ecologically and economically sensible alternative on the market.

Due to the stability of the material, Stir & Straw’s drinking straws are also ideal for stirring, making a separate stirrer superfluous. Cleaning can be done quickly and easily in the dishwasher.


Promise of Quality

Our drinking straws are

100 % recyclable
& reusable

& dishwasher-safe

Free of BPA and
other harmful chemicals

Neutral in taste
& food-safe

Cost saving through
long reusability

Usable as
drinking straw & stirrer


The right length for each beverage:

27 CM (e. g. for 0.33 l bottles)
20 CM (e. g. for highball glasses)
14 CM (e. g. for tumblers)

All drinking straws are available in transparent colour. Further colours available on request.


Our products will be available in autumn 2019. We are happy to answer inquiries and give further assistance.

You are a distributor and are interested in a cooperation with Stir & Straw? Great! We are looking forward to your message!